Boat echoes across Savar and Ashulia

Awami League candidate Dr. Md. Enamur Rahman

Awami League candidate Dr. Md. Enamur Rahman

Residents of Savar and Ashulia are keen on continuing their support for developmental progress.

In the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections, the Dhaka-19 (Savar-Ashulia) constituency is witnessing a contest among 10 candidates. Despite multiple contenders, local voters seem to anticipate a primary competition between Awami League's Dr. Md Enamur Rahman, the current State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief, and two independent candidates - Awami League leader Saiful Islam and Talukdar Tauhid Jung Murad.

The general sentiment among voters and party workers in Savar is positive towards Dr. Md. Enamur Rahman's tenure. They acknowledge the substantial advancements in health, education, and infrastructure in Savar and Ashulia over the past decade under his leadership.

Dr. Enamur Rahman, a two-time elected Member of Parliament in the 10th and 11th National Parliament elections and the incumbent State Minister of Disaster Management and Relief, faces competition from Talukdar Tauhid Jang Murad, a former Awami League MP, and Saiful Islam, the General Secretary of Ashulia Thana Awami League and ex-chairman of Dhamsona Union Parishad.

Interactions with local residents reveal a collective desire for the continuance of the region's developmental trajectory, acknowledging significant improvements in the last decade.

Farooq Hasan Tuhin, President of Ashulia Thana Awami League, expressed confidence in the unity of the party's voters despite apparent divisions among leaders and activists. He anticipates a victory for the Awami League's nominated candidate in the January 7 election.

Dr. Md. Enamur Rahman, the Awami League's candidate, is actively campaigning, reaching out to voters across Savar and Ashulia. His campaign resonates with the message of sustained development, echoing in the slogans across the region.

In a recent road meeting in Savar, Dr. Rahman highlighted the transformative development the area has undergone during his tenure, asserting that this progress forms the basis of his appeal for re-election.


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