Ghazipur City Election, Factor Labor Vote

Gazipur City Corporation election

Gazipur City Corporation election

The Gazipur City Corporation election is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday.

In preparation for the election, a general holiday has been declared in Gazipur City tomorrow. Many garment and factory owners have stated that they will keep their factories closed on the day of the election so that the workers can cast their votes.

The election campaign will conclude at midnight on Tuesday. The Election Commission has completed all preparations by this time. However, there has been minimal campaigning by the mayoral candidates. The voters also seem less enthusiastic and rather concerned about the environment on the day of the election.

There are eight candidates contesting for the position of mayor in the Gazipur City Corporation (GCC) election. However, the main competition is between Awami League candidate Advocate Mo. Ajmat Ulla Khan and former mayor Mo. Jahangir Alam's mother, Jayeda Khatun. In this election, Ajmat Ulla Khan will be symbolized by the boat, and Jayeda Khatun will be symbolized by the table clock.

Local-level voters and labor leaders are saying that the presence of voters and the significant number of workers living in the city can play a decisive role in determining the next mayor in the election.

The returning officer of the Gazipur City Corporation election, Mr. Faridul Islam, said that the election environment is good. Law enforcement members of the Armed Police Battalion are present at the polling stations, and in addition to them, there will be executive magistrates in each ward. 

Each voting center will be guarded by 16-17 members of the law enforcement agency. The voting process will take place in a peaceful environment.

It is worth mentioning that eight candidates are competing for the mayoral position in the Gazipur City Corporation election. There are 246 contestants in 57 general wards and 78 contestants in 19 reserved wards. 

Faisal Ahmed Sarkar has won uncontested in Ward No. 15. In this election, there are a total of 480 voting centers and 3,497 booths. The total number of voters is 1,179,476.

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