BNP-Jamaat politics is to burn people

Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Today, Awami League (AL) President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasized that the Awami League's political agenda is solely dedicated to the welfare of the people, in stark contrast to the violent tactics of the BNP-Jamaat alliance. 

Speaking at an election rally in the historic Bangabandhu Udyan, she highlighted the destructive actions of BNP-Jamaat, accusing them of engaging in acts of arson and violence against citizens.

Sheikh Hasina passionately appealed to the electorate, particularly new voters, to support the Awami League to maintain Bangladesh's ongoing development. She underscored the importance of youth participation in the electoral process and encouraged first-time voters to choose the Awami League, symbolized by the boat, in the upcoming elections.

The Prime Minister strongly criticised the BNP-Jamaat alliance, declaring them unfit for political engagement in Bangladesh due to their history of violence and destructive acts. She recounted the harrowing incidents on railway lines and past episodes of arson attributed to BNP-Jamaat, dating back to 2001 and as recent as 2013 and 2014.

She also condemned Jamaat-e-Islami, BNP's ally, for its involvement in the atrocities of 1971, labeling one party as a perpetrator of terrorism and the other as war criminals. In her speech, Sheikh Hasina urged the public to participate in the January 7th polls, symbolized by the boat, to continue the nation's progress.

Sheikh Hasina introduced the Awami League and its allied candidates from the Barishal division, seeking votes for continued development and prosperity. She reflected on the 15 years of uninterrupted governance by the Awami League, contrasting it with the stagnation under previous administrations, and vowed to maintain the country's forward trajectory.

Other prominent figures, including Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader and several party members, spoke at the rally. The event also saw cultural performances and enthusiastic responses from the crowd, with many showing support for the Awami League's symbol, the boat.

Highlighting her government's achievements and future plans, Sheikh Hasina spoke about bringing gas to Barishal for industrial development, establishing a medical university, and constructing a six-lane road for better connectivity. She outlined the vision of a "smart Bangladesh" by 2041, focusing on digital governance, mechanized agriculture, a smart economy, and a society driven by science, technology, and education. She emphasized the importance of education in national development and encouraged students to focus on their studies.


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