King Khan revealed the secret of the locket

Bollywood's Badshah Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood's Badshah Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood's Badshah Shahrukh Khan has created his own world. He has taken himself to unparalleled heights. Not even for a moment has he forgotten his two people from the pinnacle of fame. The picture of who swings on Shahrukh Khan's neck in his locket is a mystery. Now, King Khan has revealed that secret.

Recently, in an interview, Shahrukh shared an amazing piece of information with his fans about his locket. Right in front of the camera, he opened his locket like a book and found his father's and mother's pictures inside. Fans were amazed by Shahrukh's simple yet emotional gesture.

In his film 'Raees,' Shahrukh also wore this locket around his neck.

Actor Manoj Bajpayee recently opened up about Shahrukh. He said, 'Seeing Shahrukh in his present state, seeing him achieve success, gives me immense joy. He has created his own world. At the age of just 26, Shahrukh lost everything from his family but the way he has turned around and made his mark is praiseworthy.

The fame and success that Shahrukh has earned, he deserves it.'

He further stated, 'I am one of Shahrukh's loyal friends, and I have seen him go through hardships. It is for that reason that I admire him. I am proud of Shahrukh.'

It's worth mentioning that Shahrukh will be seen in Atlee Kumar's upcoming film 'Pathan.' The movie is set to release on September 7 next year. It will feature South Indian actress Nayanthara opposite Shahrukh."

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