One question - who is Zayeda Khatun?

mayor Jayeda Khatoon

mayor Jayeda Khatoon

One question arises about Jayeda Khatoon, the victorious mayor in the Gazipur City Corporation election. Everyone has the same question: Who is Jayeda Khatoon?

Jayeda Khatoon is the mother of former mayor Jahangir Alam. She is the first elected female mayor of Gazipur City and the second female mayor in the country.

It is known that Awami League mayoral candidate Ajmat Ulla Khan lost by a margin of 16,197 votes. Jayeda, represented by a table clock symbol, has been elected as the third mayor of Gazipur City.

Jayeda Khatoon's son, Jahangir Alam, was the former mayor of Gazipur City Corporation and the second mayor of the city. In 2018, he defeated the BNP candidate and became the mayor. However, he faced criticism for his remarks about Bangabandhu and was unable to complete his term.

Locals say that Jayeda Khatoon is well-known in the area as a philanthropist. She provides financial assistance to the poor and underprivileged, including students. She also supports social customs and traditions.

According to the affidavit, Jayeda Khatoon is a housewife and educated. She was born on February 10, 1962, in the Kanaiya area of Gazipur City Corporation. She has two sons and one daughter, including Jahangir Alam.

In her election campaign, Jayeda Khatoon revealed that her husband, M.Mizanur Rahman, passed away five years ago. There is no information about any cases against him.

If elected, Jayeda Khatoon promises to exempt holding tax for five years. She also promises to complete the unfinished work of former mayor Jahangir Alam. Additionally, she mentions various development initiatives in the area.

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