Highly educated disabled Rupali is not getting a job

Highly educated disabled Rupali khatun

Highly educated disabled Rupali khatun

"25-Year-Old Rupali Khatun's Journey of Perseverance Amidst Physical Challenges"

Rupali Khatun, a 25-year-old resident of Hijlakar village in Kumarkhali Upazila, Kushtia, stands out for her determination and resilience. Despite being physically challenged with a height of only two feet and difficulty in walking, Rupali has not let these challenges hinder her academic pursuits. She completed her Fazil degree in 2019 through private tuition and has also developed proficiency in sewing, furthering her skills through both government and private computer training courses.

While Rupali's physical condition did not impede her educational progress, it has unfortunately impacted her career opportunities. Despite numerous attempts to secure employment, she has faced considerable challenges. Her family, including her elderly father Kofil Molla, her mother Zainub Khatun, and her brother Abu Daud Molla, share concerns about her future.

Rupali's journey through academia included completing her Dakhil from Hijlakar Dakhil Madrasa in Patharbaria, followed by her Alim and Fazil degrees from Kumarkhali Islamia Fazil Madrasa. Her dedication saw her travelling to educational institutions by rickshaw and van, and she even undertook a six-month training course to enhance her skills.

As the youngest sibling among three brothers and five sisters, Rupali's challenges are compounded by her father's inability to work due to old age. She currently resides with her elderly parents in her brother's house. Despite her qualifications and efforts, finding a job remains elusive. Recently, she was seen engaging in sewing work on the balcony of her mud house.

Rupali's educational journey, marked by overcoming various obstacles, has not yet led to a successful career path, adding to the burden on her brother's family, who also care for her elderly parents. Her family feels deeply the weight of the challenges that come with her physical disability.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. Upazila Social Service Officer Mohammad Ali mentioned that since his tenure began, Rupali has been receiving a disability allowance. Furthermore, UNO Mahbubul Haque is optimistic that if Rupali participates in job tests, she stands a chance to benefit from the disabled quota, aligning with her qualifications.


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