Commemorating Language Martyrs

One Lakh Candles Illuminate Narail

Commemorating Language Martyrs

Commemorating Language Martyrs

Narail, echoing with the spirit of Ekushey February, paid homage to the language martyrs in a solemn ceremony held at Kurirdob field in Narail Government Victoria College. Organized by Narail Ekusher Alo, the event featured the symbolic lighting of one lakh candles, marking a tradition that has endured since 1997.

Under the theme 'Let the light of Ekush be free from darkness,' the ceremony began as the sun set on the evening of February 21. The picturesque scene unfolded with the illumination of 100,000 lamps, creating a mesmerizing display that attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from various districts.

The candle lighting ceremony showcased various traditions of village Bengal, including representations of the Shaheed Minar, National Memorial, Bangla Alphabet, and Alpana, all depicted through the radiant glow of the lamps. In a symbolic gesture commemorating the 73rd anniversary of Language Day, representatives from different professions lit 73 lanterns.

The event saw active participation from approximately 3,000 children and teenagers representing various educational institutions. Before evening fell, they joined together in a heartwarming display of unity by participating in the candle lighting.

At 6 p.m., the combined cultural alliance took centre stage, enchanting the audience with folk music and poetry. The performance commenced with the rendition of the iconic song 'Amar Bhai Rangano Ekushe February, Aami ki Bhulite Pari.' Narail District's Mohammad Ashfaqul Haque Chowdhury inaugurated the program by adding his light to the array of candles.

Distinguished personalities including Narail Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ashfaqul Haque Chowdhury, Superintendent of Police Mehedi Hasan, Narail Municipality Mayor Anjuman Ara, and others delivered insightful speeches. The event was presided over by Advocate Omar Farooq, the President of Ekusher Alo, with contributions from key figures such as Celebration Board Kachi Khandkar and Malay Kundu.

The annual Mobati lighting ceremony in Narail continues to serve as a powerful tribute to the sacrifices made by the language martyrs. As the one lakh candles flicker in unison, they not only illuminate the present but also serve as a beacon of remembrance for generations to come, ensuring that the light of Ekushey remains free from the shadows of forgetfulness.


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