Israel will be victorious in a few weeks: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed confidence in the imminent victory of Israeli forces in the ongoing conflict against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The situation has garnered international attention, with pressure mounting on Israel to halt its operations in the border city of Rafah.

In an interview with American media CBS on Sunday, Netanyahu asserted that Israeli forces were poised to achieve final victory against Hamas. He mentioned the possibility of a slight delay in operations if a hostage exchange agreement with Hamas is reached. However, Netanyahu emphasized that the operation in Rafah is inevitable, stating that once initiated, it would last less than a month or a few weeks.

The conflict escalated on October 7 when Hamas fighters carried out an ambush on the northern border of Gaza, resulting in casualties and the capture of numerous individuals, including Israelis and foreigners. In response to this attack, Israeli forces commenced operations in Gaza, leading to a significant influx of Palestinians, approximately 1.4 million, to the border city of Rafah. These Palestinians sought refuge in Egypt.

The international community has been urging Israel to cease its operations in Rafah, considering the humanitarian implications of the conflict. The situation has become a focal point of discussions on the need for a diplomatic resolution to mitigate the escalating crisis.

Netanyahu's assertion of an impending final victory and the potential initiation of operations in Rafah underscores the complexity of the situation. As international pressure intensifies, the need for a diplomatic resolution becomes increasingly evident to address the humanitarian concerns arising from the conflict. The developments in the coming weeks will likely shape the trajectory of the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip.


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