Indian Air Force Chief VR Choudhary now in Dhaka

Indian Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari

Indian Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari

Indian Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari commenced a three-day visit to Dhaka on February 26, 2024, responding to an invitation extended by Bangladesh Air Force Chief Air Marshal Sheikh Abdul Hannan. The visit aims to foster and strengthen the already close and friendly relations between the armed forces of India and Bangladesh.

Accompanying the Chief of the Indian Air Force is a three-member delegation, reflecting the significance of the visit. The itinerary includes courtesy calls on the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the Chiefs of the three Armed Forces. Additionally, the Indian Air Force Chief is scheduled to meet other high-ranking officials of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

A noteworthy aspect of the visit is the planned visit to the main air base of the Bangladesh Air Force, providing an opportunity for mutual exchange and collaboration in the field of aviation and defense.

A poignant and symbolic gesture, Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari is set to pay homage to the members of the Bangladesh Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives during the Liberation War in 1971. This solemn tribute will be rendered by placing wreaths at the altar of Sika Anirban at the Dhaka Cantonment, emphasizing the historical ties between the two nations.

The visit holds diplomatic significance as it reinforces the longstanding camaraderie between the armed forces of India and Bangladesh. The mutual cooperation is expected to be further solidified through discussions, meetings, and the exploration of potential areas for collaboration in defense and security.

Indian Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari's visit to Dhaka is poised to strengthen bilateral ties between the military establishments of India and Bangladesh. The exchange of perspectives, shared experiences, and the paying of respects to historical sacrifices during the Liberation War contribute to the broader narrative of regional cooperation and friendship. The visit is anticipated to leave a positive impact on the strategic partnership between the two nations.


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