Where is the terrible terrorist Nathan Bom now

Terrorist Nathan Bom, founder of the dreaded terrorist organization KNF

Terrorist Nathan Bom, founder of the dreaded terrorist organization KNF

Nathan Bom, the alleged mastermind behind the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), has resurfaced in discussions amid concerns of his connections with militant organizations and his role in recent terrorist activities. This report delves into the intricate web of Nathan's involvement, the KNF's actions, and ongoing investigations by law enforcement agencies.

Nathan Bom's Alleged Activities

  1. Two years ago, concerns emerged regarding Nathan's close ties with Jamaatul Ansar Al Fil Hindal Sharqiya, a dangerous militant group operating in the hills.
  2. Nathan is purportedly coordinating operations for the KNF from a village across the border, involving recruitment and training of members, particularly from the Bam community.
  3. His international connections raise suspicions, with reports of occasional travels to Myanmar and the Netherlands.

Law Enforcement Efforts

  1. RAB Additional Director General (Ops) Colonel Mahbub Alam underscores ongoing efforts to locate Nathan and unravel the KNF's activities.
  2. The recent arrest of Cheosim Bom, chief coordinator of the KNF, highlights intensified efforts, including collaboration with Interpol.

KNF's Involvement in Criminal Activities

  1. Recent incidents, including bank robberies in Thanchi and Ruma, point towards KNF's involvement, showcasing their growing influence and capacity.
  2. While KNF's role in the firing at Thanchi police station remains uncertain, law enforcement agencies remain vigilant.

Chronology of Nathan's Actions

  1. Nathan allegedly sent members of the Bam community to Cochin state in Myanmar for training in 2017, followed by a covert operation upon their return.
  2. Despite failed attempts at political representation, Nathan has persisted in promoting his agenda, including the formation of a separate state.
  3. Social media postings of KNF activities further highlight Nathan's ongoing endeavors.

Amid ongoing operations by Bangladesh Police, RAB, and army forces, the KNF's Facebook page announced Nathan's departure to Geneva, Switzerland, purportedly to participate in a UN session, accompanied by members of the Kuki-Chin Human Rights Organization (KHO).

The nexus between Nathan Bom, the KNF, and international actors raises significant concerns regarding the potential for escalation of terrorist activities. Law enforcement agencies remain committed to unraveling this intricate network and apprehending those responsible for destabilizing the region.

This report underscores the urgency of coordinated efforts to address the growing threat posed by militant organizations like the KNF, ensuring peace and security in the affected areas.


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