KM Sakhawat Moon promoted to Director of PIB

KM Shakhawat Moon

KM Shakhawat Moon

KM Shakhawat Moon, currently serving as Deputy Press Secretary to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has been promoted to the prestigious position of Director (Studies and Training) at Press Institute Bangladesh (PIB). This significant promotion comes as a recognition of Moon's expertise and contributions in the field of media training and communications.

Promotion Announcement and Office Order Details

The promotion of KM Shakhawat Moon was officially announced through an office order signed by PIB Director General Zafar Wazed on March 25. The order highlights Moon's elevation to the post of Director (Studies and Training) based on the recommendation of the 164th meeting of the Board of Directors of PIB held on March 11. The approval from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting further solidified Moon's promotion, as indicated in their letter No. 15.00.0000. dated March 25.

Effective Date and Pay Scale

According to the office order, KM Shakhawat Moon's promotion is effective from the date of joining the new position. He assumes the role of Director (Studies and Training) at PIB with responsibilities encompassing the development and implementation of training programs for media professionals. Moon's appointment comes with a corresponding pay scale reflective of his enhanced role and responsibilities within the organization.

Recognition of Expertise and Contributions

Moon's elevation to the position of Director at PIB underscores his exemplary performance and dedication in the field of media training. His experience as a Senior Trainer and Deputy Press Secretary equips him with valuable insights to lead the institute's training initiatives effectively. Moon's promotion reflects PIB's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in media education and professional development.

KM Shakhawat Moon's promotion to Director (Studies and Training) at Press Institute Bangladesh marks a significant milestone in his career trajectory. As he assumes this new role, Moon is poised to make substantial contributions to the advancement of media education and training in Bangladesh. His appointment underscores PIB's commitment to fostering talent and excellence in the field of media and communications.


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