Bangladeshi Youth Walks 8000km to Mecca for Hajj

Bangladeshi youth Alif Mahmud

Bangladeshi youth Alif Mahmud

In an extraordinary display of determination and faith, Bangladeshi youth Alif Mahmud has accomplished an arduous pilgrimage, arriving in Mecca after a staggering nine-month journey on foot. Confirming his arrival in the holy city, Alif Mahmud shared his triumphant feat via a heartfelt Facebook post.

Embarking from his humble village of Batabaria in Cumilla's Nangalkot Upazila on July 8th of the previous year, Alif Mahmud embarked on an epic odyssey spanning approximately 8000 kilometers. His pilgrimage took him through the diverse terrains and cultures of India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and the UAE, overcoming myriad challenges along the way.

Alif Mahmud's decision to undertake this monumental journey was inspired by a deep-seated fascination with the historical significance of trade and commerce, where walking was once the sole means of transportation. While initially considering a bicycle for his pilgrimage, Alif ultimately chose the path less traveled, opting to walk to Mecca.

The Bangladeshi expatriate community in Saudi Arabia has been quick to applaud Alif Mahmud for his extraordinary feat, recognizing his unique approach to performing the sacred Hajj pilgrimage. Many have expressed admiration for his unwavering determination and steadfast commitment to his faith.

Prior to his remarkable pilgrimage to Mecca, Alif Mahmud had already etched his name in the annals of adventure, having traversed all 64 districts of Bangladesh on a bicycle. His latest accomplishment stands as a testament to his indomitable spirit and serves as an inspiration to countless others.

As Alif Mahmud prepares to fulfill his sacred obligations in Mecca, his journey serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of faith and the remarkable strength of the human spirit.


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