Iran has threatened further action against Israel

Major General Mohammad Bagheri

Major General Mohammad Bagheri

Iran launched a series of missile and drone attacks targeting Israeli military installations late on Saturday night. The attack, unprecedented in its scale and scope, marks a significant escalation in tensions between the two nations.

Iran's Armed Forces Chief, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that all of Iran's objectives had been achieved through the strikes. Speaking to the media, Bagheri emphasized that Iran's actions were in direct response to perceived aggression from Israel and that Tehran had no intention of escalating hostilities further unless provoked.

Crucially, Bagheri stressed that Iran's attacks deliberately avoided civilian and economic targets within Israel, focusing solely on military installations. He cited the targeting of an Israeli intelligence base on Mount Hermon, which he claimed was involved in an earlier attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria. Additionally, Iran targeted Israel's Nevatim air base in the Negev desert, which allegedly played a role in the assault on the Iranian consulate.

According to Bagheri, the Iranian strikes inflicted significant damage on both Israeli bases, effectively disabling them. Furthermore, he asserted that Iran possesses the capability to launch even more potent attacks, underscoring the seriousness of Tehran's military prowess.

In response to Iran's actions, Israel's wartime cabinet convened to discuss retaliatory measures. However, there appears to be internal disagreement within the Israeli leadership regarding the timing and extent of any potential counterattack. The decision-making process within Israel's five-member cabinet underscores the gravity of the situation and the complexities involved in navigating heightened tensions in the region.

The United Nations has expressed concern over the escalating conflict, fearing its potential to destabilize the already volatile Middle East further. With Iran warning of possible escalation in the event of an Israeli counterattack, the international community is closely monitoring developments, hoping to prevent further escalation and mitigate the risk of a broader regional conflict.


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