PM's instructions in the Cabinet meeting

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Today's cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, focused on addressing the ongoing unrest in the Middle East due to tensions between Iran and Israel. Prime Minister Hasina emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant and taking necessary steps to tackle any adverse effects in Bangladesh resulting from the situation in the Middle East.

Cabinet Secretary Md Mahbub Hossain, speaking at a press conference following the meeting, highlighted the key points discussed and decisions made- 

Vigilance and Preparation: Prime Minister Hasina urged all concerned ministries to keep a close watch on the situation in the Middle East and prepare for potential impacts on Bangladesh. This includes assessing the implementation status of previous decisions and taking quick action where necessary.

Delisting Laws: The Prime Minister directed the concerned ministries to expedite the process of delisting 16 laws in the country.

Legislative Approvals: The cabinet granted both in principle and final approvals to two draft legislations:

The Moheshkhali Integrated Development Authority (MIDA) Act, 2024: This act aims to establish an authority to oversee development activities centered around the Matarbari deep-sea port in Moheshkhali. The authority, chaired by the Prime Minister, will work towards implementing a master plan for the designated area to promote foreign investments and economic development.

The Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (Remuneration and Privileges) Act, 2024: This legislation, essentially the Bangla version of an existing English law, addresses the remuneration and privileges of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners. No significant changes were made to the previous version.

The cabinet meeting underscored the importance of proactively addressing potential challenges stemming from the unrest in the Middle East. Additionally, the approval of new legislation reflects the government's commitment to promoting development and ensuring the effective functioning of electoral processes in Bangladesh.


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