Mymensingh marriage and divorce rate increase

Mymensingh marriage and divorce rate increase

Mymensingh marriage and divorce rate increase

In recent years, Mymensingh district has witnessed a notable trend: while the marriage rate has been on the rise, so has the rate of divorce. This phenomenon has raised concerns among the local populace and prompted an investigation into its underlying causes. Through a thorough examination of statistical data and insights from key stakeholders, this report aims to shed light on the factors contributing to this trend and propose potential solutions.

Overview of Statistical Data

According to data obtained from the district sub-registrar, Mymensingh recorded 20,805 marriages in 2023, accompanied by 7,300 divorces. This translates to an average of 57 marriages and 20 divorces daily, resulting in a divorce rate of approximately 33 percent. Comparatively, in 2022, there were 20,213 marriages and 6,390 divorces, indicating a similar daily average. This trend persists over previous years, with divorce rates showing a steady increase.

Identified Reasons for Divorce

Local experts, including legal professionals and government officials, have identified several key factors contributing to the rising divorce rates in Mymensingh. Among these factors are:

Alienation: Many marriages suffer from a lack of emotional connection and understanding between spouses, leading to feelings of alienation and discontent.
Disability in Marriage: Issues such as physical or mental disabilities within marriages can strain relationships and contribute to marital dissatisfaction.
Lack of Relationship Between Husband and Wife: A breakdown in communication and intimacy between spouses can erode the foundation of a marriage, ultimately leading to divorce.
Early Marriage: Premature marriages, often driven by societal or familial pressures, can result in mismatches in maturity and compatibility, increasing the likelihood of divorce.
Additionally, societal factors such as patriarchal attitudes, polygamy, and the misuse of social media have been cited as exacerbating the problem of divorce in the district.

Insights from Key Stakeholders

Legal professionals and government officials in Mymensingh have provided valuable insights into the root causes of divorce. According to Nahrin Sultana Neela, a lawyer at the Mymensingh Judge Court, suspicion, disharmony, extramarital affairs, and abuse of social media are common contributors to marital breakdowns. Deputy Director of the Women's Affairs Department, Nazneen Sultana, highlights the role of patriarchal attitudes and polygamy in perpetuating marital discord.

Efforts Towards Mitigation

To address the rising divorce rates, local authorities are implementing measures aimed at raising awareness and fostering healthier relationships within marriages. Machum Ahmed Bhuya, the Superintendent of Police in Mymensingh, emphasizes the importance of community policing and education to combat issues such as social media misuse and extramarital affairs.


The rising marriage and divorce rates in Mymensingh district reflect complex social dynamics and underlying challenges within marital relationships. By understanding the contributing factors and implementing targeted interventions, stakeholders can work towards mitigating the prevalence of divorce and promoting healthier, more sustainable marriages in the community.


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