Overview of March 2024

Report on Road Accidents in Bangladesh

Report on Road Accidents in Bangladesh

Report on Road Accidents in Bangladesh

In recent times, Bangladesh has witnessed a distressing surge in road accidents, claiming numerous lives and causing severe injuries. Despite efforts to mitigate this issue, the statistics remain alarming, reflecting systemic challenges that demand urgent attention and comprehensive solutions.

Overview of March 2024

According to a report by the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, March 2024 witnessed a harrowing toll on the nation's roads. A total of 565 individuals lost their lives in 552 road accidents, with an additional 1,228 people sustaining injuries. These figures underscore the urgent need for effective measures to enhance road safety across the country.

Breakdown of Accidents

The report reveals a concerning breakdown of accidents across different modes of transportation. Motorcycle accidents accounted for a significant portion, with 203 fatalities and 166 injuries recorded in 181 incidents. Railway accidents, though fewer in number, resulted in 31 deaths and 86 injuries, highlighting the need for enhanced safety measures in rail transport. Additionally, waterway accidents claimed 16 lives and left 17 individuals injured, underscoring the importance of ensuring safety standards in maritime transportation.

Underreporting and Uncovered Realities

It is crucial to acknowledge the limitations of reported data, as highlighted by Mozammel Haque Chowdhury, Secretary General of the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association. The actual number of road accidents is likely much higher, with a significant portion going unreported by the media. This discrepancy underscores the need for improved data collection mechanisms to capture the full extent of road safety challenges in the country.

Root Causes of Accidents

The report identifies several contributing factors to road accidents, including misapplication and poor enforcement of traffic laws, proliferation of motorcycles and three-wheelers, inadequate road infrastructure, lack of road signs and markings, insufficient lighting, and the prevalence of reckless driving practices. Additionally, encroachment on footpaths, vehicle defects, and non-compliance with traffic regulations exacerbate the risk of accidents, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the problem.

Recommendations for Action

Addressing the scourge of road accidents requires a coordinated and multifaceted approach. Key recommendations include:

  1. Strengthening enforcement of traffic laws and regulations to deter reckless driving behaviors.
  2. Investing in road infrastructure improvements, including the installation of adequate signage, lighting, and road markings.
  3. Implementing measures to enhance vehicle safety standards and ensure regular maintenance and inspection.
  4. Increasing public awareness campaigns to promote responsible driving practices and pedestrian safety.
  5. Enhancing data collection mechanisms to accurately assess the scope of road safety challenges and inform evidence-based interventions.


The alarming frequency of road accidents in Bangladesh demands immediate and concerted action from government authorities, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to these incidents and implementing targeted interventions, we can strive towards a safer and more secure transportation environment for all citizens.

This report serves as a clarion call for proactive measures to mitigate the devastating impact of road accidents and safeguard the lives of individuals across Bangladesh.


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