Nationwide 3-day heat alert issued

Meteorological Office

Meteorological Office

In the midst of scorching temperatures gripping the nation, the Meteorological Office has issued a three-day heat alert across the country. Dr. Muhammad Abul Kalam Mallik, a prominent meteorologist, underscored the severity of the situation in a press release issued on Friday.

The ongoing heatwave shows no signs of relenting, with forecasts indicating a continuation for the next three days. Furthermore, temperatures are anticipated to climb even higher, exacerbating the discomfort caused by excessive water vapor in the atmosphere.

Despite the widespread heat alert, the Meteorological Office has hinted at possible rain in select areas. However, this relief might be limited, as the heatwave maintains its stronghold over various districts.

In the latest weather update, temporary gusty rain, thunderstorms, and scattered hailstorms are anticipated in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet divisions until Saturday morning. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is expected to experience mainly dry conditions with a partly cloudy sky.

Severe heatwaves persist in districts such as Bagerhat, Jessore, Chuadanga, and Kushtia, while mild to moderate heatwaves affect Dhaka and Rajshahi divisions, among others. Daytime temperatures are forecasted to rise across the country, with minimal changes expected in nighttime temperatures. The excessive presence of water vapor only adds to the discomfort.

Looking ahead, temporary gusty rain or thundershowers are expected in Mymensingh and Sylhet divisions until Sunday morning, with the possibility of scattered hailstorms. Elsewhere, dry weather with a partly cloudy sky will prevail. Minor increases in both daytime and nighttime temperatures are projected, accompanied by persistent discomfort due to high humidity levels.

The Meteorological Department has cautioned that significant changes in the weather pattern are unlikely over the next five days, signaling continued challenges posed by the ongoing heatwave.

As the nation grapples with the relentless heat, citizens are urged to take necessary precautions to mitigate its effects and stay hydrated to ensure their well-being amidst these challenging weather conditions.


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