Suman's letter to ACC on Benazir's corruption probe

Suman's letter to ACC on Benazir's corruption probe

Suman's letter to ACC on Benazir's corruption probe

Recent revelations have brought to light serious allegations of corruption against former Inspector General of Bangladesh Police, Benazir Ahmed. Barrister Syed Syedul Haque Sumon, acting on behalf of the public interest, has submitted a letter to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), urging an investigation into the substantial assets acquired by Ahmed and his family members following his retirement.

Details of the Allegations

According to the letter obtained by Projonmokantho, Benazir Ahmed retired from his position on September 30, 2022, after serving for 34 years and 7 months. However, concerns have been raised regarding the significant increase in assets owned by Ahmed and his family, particularly in the names of his wife, Zeeshan Mirza, and their two daughters, Farhin Rishta bint Benazir and Tahsin Raisa bint Benazir.

Evidence of Wealth Acquisition

The allegations stem from a report published by the daily Kaler Kantho on March 31, titled "Benazir House Aladdin's Cherag," which highlighted the vast wealth amassed by the former inspector general and his family. The report detailed the ownership of various financial assets, including an elite tourist resort, multiple companies, expensive flats and houses, as well as substantial land holdings in prime locations near Dhaka.

Call for Investigation

Barrister Sumon's letter to the ACC asserts that there are sufficient grounds to suspect that Benazir Ahmed abused his position to accumulate wealth disproportionate to his income. It requests the ACC to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and take appropriate legal action against Ahmed's wife and daughters for their alleged involvement in amassing illegal wealth.

Public Reaction

The allegations against Benazir Ahmed have sparked widespread public outcry and condemnation. The report's findings have fueled concerns about corruption within law enforcement agencies and the misuse of power for personal gain.


As the ACC begins its investigation into the allegations, there is a growing demand for accountability and transparency in addressing corruption at all levels of society. The outcome of this probe will not only determine the fate of those implicated but also serve as a litmus test for the government's commitment to combating corruption and upholding the rule of law.

This report sheds light on the gravity of the allegations against former IGP Benazir Ahmed and the urgency for a thorough investigation to ensure accountability and uphold the principles of justice.


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