'ACC must be investigated without influence'

Ghulam Rahman, former chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)

Ghulam Rahman, former chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)

In response to the corruption allegations leveled against former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed, Ghulam Rahman, former chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough and impartial investigation to ensure transparency and justice.

Ghulam Rahman highlighted the significant role played by media outlets in exposing corruption and irregularities, citing examples of investigations initiated based on newspaper reports during his tenure. He stressed that proper investigation procedures must be followed to uncover the truth behind the allegations against former IGP Benazir Ahmed.

Following an investigative report by Kaler Gantho regarding corruption and accumulation of disproportionate wealth by Ahmed, a three-member committee was formed to investigate the allegations. Rahman underscored the need for the Directorate of District Councils (DDC) to conduct the investigation objectively and in accordance with the law.

While refraining from passing judgment before the investigation is completed, Rahman emphasized that if corruption is found during the investigation, appropriate action should be taken. He reiterated the importance of adhering to legal procedures and maintaining impartiality throughout the investigation process.

Addressing concerns about Ahmed's influence potentially affecting the investigation, Rahman emphasized that the law applies equally to all individuals, regardless of their status or influence. He urged investigators to remain impartial and focused on uncovering the truth, regardless of the individual's stature.

Ghulam Rahman also offered advice to District Magistrates involved in the investigation, urging them to adhere to legal protocols and conduct the investigation objectively, free from bias or prejudice. He emphasized the importance of following due process and conducting the investigation diligently to uphold justice and accountability.

In conclusion, Ghulam Rahman reiterated the public's expectation for a fair and transparent investigation into the corruption allegations against former IGP Benazir Ahmed. He emphasized the need for diligence, impartiality, and adherence to legal procedures to ensure accountability and uphold the rule of law.


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