Afghanistan devastated by flash floods; Death 200

Deadly Flash Floods Devastate Afghanistan: Urgent Humanitarian Response Needed

Deadly Flash Floods Devastate Afghanistan: Urgent Humanitarian Response Needed

Flash floods triggered by monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in Afghanistan, particularly in the northern province of Baghlan. The catastrophic event has resulted in significant loss of life, destruction of homes, and displacement of thousands of people. The situation remains dire as rescue and relief efforts are underway amidst rising concerns for the affected population.

The United Nations' International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported that more than 200 individuals have lost their lives in Baghlan alone, with the death toll expected to rise. Thousands of homes have been either damaged or destroyed, leaving countless families homeless. The Taliban authorities have declared a state of emergency in response to the unfolding crisis.

Mohammad Fahim Safi, the national program officer leading IOM's emergency response, highlighted the severity of the situation, indicating that 1,500 houses were damaged or destroyed in Baghlani Jadid district alone, with over 100 lives lost. The Interior Ministry confirmed the death of 153 individuals, with fears of the toll increasing as many remain missing.

Hedayatullah Hamdard, provincial director of natural disaster management in Baghlan, emphasized the ongoing efforts to assess and address the situation, acknowledging the likelihood of the death toll rising further. The Taliban government has pledged support to the affected communities, mobilizing rescue teams and distributing essential supplies such as food, tents, and blankets.

The disaster has presented numerous challenges, including the difficulty in accessing remote and affected areas due to damaged infrastructure and adverse weather conditions. Rescue teams, aided by the national army and police, are tirelessly working to search for survivors buried under debris and mud. However, the scale of the devastation underscores the urgent need for additional resources and assistance.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban government, reiterated the commitment to providing aid to the victims and ensuring coordination among relevant ministries and provincial authorities. Despite these efforts, the magnitude of the disaster demands a robust and coordinated humanitarian response to address the immediate needs of the affected population and facilitate long-term recovery efforts.

The devastating flash floods in Afghanistan have resulted in a significant loss of life and widespread destruction, underscoring the vulnerability of communities to natural disasters. Urgent action is required to mitigate the impact of the crisis, including the provision of essential supplies, medical assistance, and shelter for those displaced. International support and solidarity are crucial in assisting Afghanistan in its efforts to respond to and recover from this tragedy.


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