50 professors arrested in US campus protests

ongoing anti-Israel protests in America

ongoing anti-Israel protests in America

The ongoing anti-Israel protests in America have led to the arrest of at least 50 professors, along with thousands of students, who have been demonstrating against Israeli actions in Gaza, Palestine. This report aims to shed light on the arrests, the reasons behind them, and the implications for academic freedom and freedom of expression.

The protests initially began at Columbia University in New York on April 17, where students voiced their demands, including an end to the war in Gaza and the severance of university ties with the Israeli government and institutions. The movement quickly spread to over 150 educational institutions across the United States and reached at least 12 European countries, resulting in the arrest of more than 2,500 American students and over 300 European students.

Media reports, based on police statements, protest-related news, and court records, indicate that professors were arrested for various reasons, including participating in demonstrations and filming protests. Some of the arrested professors have allegedly faced physical harassment and mistreatment by the police.

Caroline Fallin, an economics professor at Emory University in Atlanta, was arrested while attempting to prevent the police from apprehending a student. A video shows a police officer holding her on the ground with his knees. Fallin was subsequently charged with obstructing the police.

Steve Tamari, a professor at the University of Washington, was arrested while filming the protest. He reportedly faced physical harassment from the police, resulting in broken ribs and a broken right hand.

Fifteen professors from the University of California joined the protest, with Graeme Blair being one of them. Blair stated that he and his colleagues participated in the protest due to the fear of potential arrests. While Blair himself was not arrested, at least four of his fellow professors were detained by the police, who also subjected them to physical harassment.

The arrests of professors during these protests have raised significant concerns regarding academic freedom and freedom of expression. The American Association of University Professors, an organization representing US university professors, has expressed its alarm over the handcuffing of professors and the potential infringement on their rights.

The arrests of professors during the ongoing anti-Israel protests in America have sparked a debate about the limits of academic freedom and freedom of expression. The cases of Caroline Fallin, Steve Tamari, and the University of California professors highlight the challenges faced by educators who choose to participate in such demonstrations. It is crucial to address these concerns and ensure that the rights of professors and students are protected, allowing for open dialogue and peaceful protest.


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