Mango Harvesting in Rajshahi District

Mango Harvesting in Rajshahi District

Mango Harvesting in Rajshahi District

Mango harvesting for the current season is set to commence tomorrow, Wednesday, in Rajshahi District, marking the beginning of a season filled with the natural ripening of this delectable fruit. In a recent meeting held by the District Administration, a comprehensive mango harvesting calendar was established, detailing the schedule for harvesting various local and indigenous mango varieties.

Farmers in Rajshahi District can begin harvesting local and indigenous mango varieties from tomorrow. The schedule then progresses as follows:

Gopalbhog: May 25
Ranipachhand and Lakhna: May 25
Himsagar or Khirshapat: May 30
Langra: June 10
Amropali and Fazly: June 15
BARI Aam-4: July 5
Ashwina: July 10
Gourmati: July 15
Ilamati: August 20
This schedule ensures a staggered harvesting period, allowing for optimal ripening and quality of the mangoes.

District Administration's Initiatives

During the meeting, chaired by DC Shamim Ahmed, various stakeholders discussed strategies to ensure a successful mango harvesting season. The District Administration has set a target to produce approximately 2.15 lakh tonnes of mango from different orchards spanning 18,515 hectares of land this year. To prevent the harvesting and marketing of immature mangoes, strict vigilance will be maintained by law enforcement agencies and upazila administrations.

Transportation and Marketing

Efforts are underway to facilitate the transportation and marketing of mangoes effectively. The West Zone of Bangladesh Railway will launch a 'special mango train' on the Chapainawabganj-Dhaka route via Rajshahi from June 10. This initiative aims to provide a cost-effective and efficient means of transporting mangoes to Dhaka and other destinations. The special train, equipped with six luggage vans, has the capacity to carry 172.98 tonnes of mangoes.

The mango harvesting season in Rajshahi District heralds a period of abundance and economic opportunity for farmers and stakeholders. With careful planning, coordination, and the support of the District Administration and railway authorities, this season promises to be a fruitful one for all involved.


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