Why does Modi not hold a press conference?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently gave insight into why he refrains from holding press conferences, shedding light on the evolving landscape of media and his approach towards communication. In a recent interview, Modi articulated his stance, attributing his reluctance to the changing character of the media and his dedication to parliamentary accountability.

Parliamentary Accountability

Modi underscored his accountability solely to the Parliament, implying that he does not feel obligated to engage with the media beyond this forum. He emphasized that without responsibility, there is no obligation, indicating his stance on traditional press conferences.

Media Character Evolution

Modi highlighted a shift in the character of contemporary journalism, lamenting the loss of impartiality and neutrality. He noted how journalists' biases influence their reporting, contrasting it with the faceless and ideology-agnostic nature of past media.

New Communication Culture

The Prime Minister outlined his commitment to a new communication culture, characterized by direct engagement with citizens and grassroots initiatives over media manipulation. He cited examples of eschewing conventional media strategies in favor of on-the-ground efforts, reflecting his preference for substance over spectacle.

Personal Anecdotes

Modi shared anecdotes from his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, illustrating his unconventional approach to communication. He recounted instances of actively seeking feedback from citizens, demonstrating a hands-on style that prioritizes direct interaction over media narratives.

Media Medium Diversity

Acknowledging the proliferation of media mediums, Modi emphasized the democratization of information dissemination. He highlighted the emergence of diverse platforms beyond traditional newspapers, enabling greater citizen participation and opinion sharing.

Legacy and Priorities

Closing the interview, Modi reiterated his focus on national development over personal legacy. He emphasized achievements such as electoral successes and economic growth, positioning himself as a leader dedicated to tangible progress rather than media acclaim.

In conclusion, Narendra Modi's explanation for not holding press conferences offers insights into his communication philosophy and perceptions of contemporary media. His remarks underscore a departure from traditional media-centric approaches in favor of direct citizen engagement and tangible results.


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