Biden and Trump Debate Dates Announced

Biden and Trump Debate

Biden and Trump Debate

US President Joe Biden and his former rival in the November election, former President Donald Trump, have agreed to participate in two debates. The debates are scheduled to take place on June 27 and September 10.

According to CNN, the first debate will be held without an audience in their studios in Atlanta. The second debate will be moderated by ABC News.

The announcement of the debates came on Wednesday, stirring up anticipation and controversy.

The Biden campaign confirmed their participation in the debates scheduled for June and September, while stating that Biden will not attend the three debates scheduled for September and October, which are typically hosted by the nonpartisan Presidential Debates Commission.

In response, Trump expressed his readiness to debate Biden in June and September, emphasizing his eagerness to engage in the electoral discourse. The announcement of the first debate date was swiftly followed by CNN revealing that veteran hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash would moderate the event.

In his remarks, Biden highlighted his previous debate victories against Trump in 2020, while Trump criticized Biden's debating skills, calling him the "worst debater" he has ever seen.

The agreement to participate in debates underscores the significance of electoral discourse in shaping public opinion and influencing voter decisions as the political landscape evolves.


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