Bangladesh's Babar Ali conquered Everest

Bangladesh's Babar Ali conquered Everest

Bangladesh's Babar Ali conquered Everest

Chittagong, Bangladesh – Dr. Babar Ali, a resident of Hathajari in the Chittagong district, has achieved the extraordinary feat of summiting Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. On Sunday, May 19, at 8:45 am Bangladesh time, Babar Ali touched the summit, becoming the sixth Bangladeshi to hoist the national flag on the Everest peak.

Babar Ali's ascent marks a significant milestone, as he is the first Bangladeshi in eleven years to accomplish this feat. His journey was organized by Vertical Dreamers, an organization dedicated to supporting high-altitude mountaineering endeavors. The team expressed their joy and pride in Babar's achievement, emphasizing that this success was made possible by the grace of the Creator and the support of countless well-wishers.

Currently, Babar Ali is descending from the summit to Camp-4, known as the "death zone" due to its extreme conditions and lack of communication capabilities. As reported by the basecamp manager and confirmed by Vertical Dreamers, it will take some time before pictures and further details of the expedition can be shared.

Farhan Zaman, the chief coordinator of the campaign, conveyed the exhilarating news: "Our dreamer Babar Ali reached the highest peak of the Himalayas at 8:30 am local time; 8:45 am Bangladesh time. For a moment, Mother Nature gave him the opportunity to stay at the highest peak."

Dr. Babar Ali's mountaineering aspirations do not end with Everest. His next goal is to conquer Mount Lhotse, the fourth highest peak in the world. This venture is particularly significant as no Bangladeshi has ever summited Lhotse, nor has any Bangladeshi climbed two 8,000-meter peaks in a single expedition. Achieving this goal would set a new record for Bangladeshi mountaineering.

Babar Ali embarked on his journey to Nepal on April 1. After acquiring the necessary permits and equipment in Kathmandu, he trekked to the Everest base camp, which took about a week. The main ascent commenced from there.

The last Bangladeshi to summit Everest was Sajal Khaled, who reached the peak on May 20, 2013. Prior to Khaled, other notable Bangladeshi climbers who conquered Everest include Musa Ibrahim (May 23, 2010), Mohammad Abdul Muhit (May 21, 2011), Nishat Mazumder (May 19, 2012), and Wasfia Nazreen (May 26, 2012). Nishat Mazumder holds the distinction of being the first Bangladeshi woman to climb Everest.

Dr. Babar Ali's achievement is a proud moment for Bangladesh, showcasing the nation's growing presence in the field of mountaineering. As he descends from Everest and prepares for his next challenge, his journey continues to inspire and elevate the aspirations of many in Bangladesh and beyond.


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