Cyclone Remal Approaches West Bengal and Bangladesh

Cyclone Remal Approaches West Bengal and Bangladesh

Cyclone Remal Approaches West Bengal and Bangladesh

Cyclone Remal is advancing towards the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh, with the potential to make landfall on Sunday night. The storm is currently gaining strength, moving at a speed of 8-10 kilometers per hour.

West Bengal Preparations

The cyclone is expected to impact Sagar Dwip in West Bengal. Remal is currently located 250 kilometers away from Sagar Dwip. Anticipating severe weather, authorities have taken several precautionary measures:

Kolkata Airport Closure: The Kolkata airport will shut down operations after noon, remaining closed for 21 hours as a safety precaution.

Train Cancellations: Many local trains from Sealdah and Howrah stations have been canceled.

Ferry Services: Ferry services from Kolkata have been halted, and boats are being secured at Howrah and Kolkata. All ferries on the banks of the Ganga have ceased operations.

Weather Conditions: Kolkata is experiencing strong winds and intermittent rainfall. The city is under a cloud cover, and occasional rain continues to affect the area.

Public Advisory: With Sunday being a holiday, fewer people are on the streets, and the number of vehicles is noticeably reduced. Authorities have issued warnings, advising people to stay indoors. The cyclone's wind speed is expected to reach 90 km/h during the night.

Bangladesh Preparations

In Bangladesh, the cyclone is projected to hit Khepupara, located 300 kilometers away. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department has reported Remal's position relative to key coastal areas at 6:00 AM:

  1. 400 kilometers southwest of Chittagong
  2. 300 kilometers southwest of Cox's Bazar seaport
  3. 330 kilometers south of Mongla seaport
  4. 295 kilometers south of Payra seaport

The storm may intensify as it moves further north. Wind has already started to blow in many parts of Bangladesh, and eight districts are at risk of experiencing 12-foot high tides. The affected districts include: Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Jhalkathi, Barguna, Barisal, Bhola, Patuakhali, Feni, Chandpur, Noakhali, Laxmipur,  Chittagong, Cox's Bazar. 

Rainfall is expected across almost all regions. Residents in the coastal areas are being urged to seek shelter and prepare for high winds and potential flooding.

Cyclone Remal poses a significant threat to both West Bengal and Bangladesh, with severe weather conditions anticipated in the coming hours. Authorities are taking extensive measures to ensure public safety, including transport cancellations, airport closures, and advisories for residents to remain indoors. Continuous updates and warnings are being issued to keep the public informed as the situation develops.


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