Attack on lawyer in Supreme Court; Remand 5

Lawyer beaten in Supreme Court

Lawyer beaten in Supreme Court

A disturbing incident unfolded at the Supreme Court on Saturday (March 9), involving a violent altercation related to the counting of votes in the 2024-25 elections of the Supreme Court Lawyers Association. The aftermath led to the arrest of five lawyers, who were subsequently granted a three-day remand by the court.

Incident Details

The violence erupted amidst the counting process, with reports of chaos, scuffles, and fights within the premises of the Supreme Court. The situation worsened to the extent that the police were compelled to intervene, resulting in the apprehension of five lawyers involved in the altercation. The arrested individuals are identified as Advocate Kazi Bashir Ahmed, Advocate Tushar, Advocate Tariqul, Advocate Enamul Haque Suman, and Barrister Osman Chowdhury.

Legal Proceedings

Upon presenting the arrested lawyers before the Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Ali Haider, the police sought a five-day remand for further investigation into the case. After a hearing, the magistrate granted a three-day remand for each of the accused individuals. The legal proceedings are expected to shed light on the circumstances leading to the violent clash and provide insights into the motives behind the incident.

Accusations and Involved Parties

The case filed in connection with the incident implicates 20 individuals, including advocate Nahid Sultana Juthi, an independent and rebel candidate of Awami League for the post of editor in the Supreme Court bar election, and barrister Ruhul Quddus Kazal, an editor candidate of the BNP-Jamaat supported blue panel. The primary accused, advocate Nahid Sultana Juthi, is noted as the wife of Jubo League Chairman Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash.

The charges in the case include the forced announcement of editor election results without vote counting, the alleged snatching of an iPhone and Rs 15,000, and physical assaults using rods, sticks, and chairs.

Additional Information

The Supreme Court bar election witnessed the participation of 7,883 lawyers, with 5,319 exercising their right to vote over a two-day period. However, the counting of votes is still ongoing, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

The incident at the Supreme Court, leading to the assault on a lawyer and subsequent arrests, underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the altercation. The legal proceedings will play a crucial role in determining the accountability of the accused individuals and shedding light on the events that transpired during the election process.

This report provides an overview of the incident and the subsequent legal actions taken, emphasizing the significance of a fair and transparent investigation to uphold the integrity of the legal system and the electoral process. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops.


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