High Court Mandates School Closure Due to Heat Wave

High Court Building

High Court Building

In response to alarming reports of heat-related fatalities, the High Court has issued a directive to suspend classes in primary and secondary schools as well as madrasas until the forthcoming Thursday. This decisive action follows the tragic demise of several educators amidst the sweltering temperatures, prompting a swift legal response.

Justices KM Kamrul Quader and Khizir Hayat presided over the high court bench that delivered this order, spurred by the impassioned plea of Lawyer Monir Uddin. Uddin, citing media coverage highlighting the perilous surge in heat stroke cases, urged the court to intervene. Reports detailing the deaths of teachers and citizens under the scorching sun painted a grim picture, prompting the court to take immediate action.

Deputy Attorney General Sheikh Saifuzzaman represented the state during the hearing, underscoring the gravity of the situation. The court's ruling mandates the closure of educational institutions at the primary and secondary levels, including madrasas and colleges, until the specified date. Notably, institutions equipped with air conditioning, universities, and those hosting public examinations have been exempted from this order.

This verdict underscores the judiciary's commitment to safeguarding public health amidst challenging climatic conditions. As the nation grapples with the intensifying heat wave, this judicial intervention serves as a timely reminder of the importance of proactive measures to mitigate its adverse effects.

The closure of schools aims to ensure the safety and well-being of students and educators alike, providing respite from the blistering heat until conditions improve. The High Court's decisive action underscores the imperative of collective efforts to address the pressing challenges posed by extreme weather events, reaffirming the judiciary's pivotal role in safeguarding public welfare.


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