Gold price drops by Tk 840 per bhori

Bangladesh Jewellers' Association (BAJUS)

Bangladesh Jewellers' Association (BAJUS)

The Bangladesh Jewellers' Association (BAJUS) recently announced a significant reduction in the price of gold due to a decline in the price of pure gold on the local market. This decision was made during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Pricing and Price Monitoring, reflecting the association's response to market dynamics.

Key Details

  1. The price of gold has been reduced by Tk840 to Tk1,18,797 per bhori (equivalent to 11.664 grams).
  2. The adjustment came into effect immediately following the decision made at the Saturday meeting.
  3. The revised prices, effective from Saturday afternoon, were communicated through a press release by the association, as reported by Daily Sun.

Revised Gold Prices

  1. 22-carat gold: Tk10,185 per gram
  2. 21-carat gold: Tk9,722 per gram
  3. 18-carat gold: Tk8,333 per gram
  4. Traditional gold: Tk6,708 per gram

Revised Silver Prices

  1. 22-carat silver: Tk180 per gram
  2. 21-carat silver: Tk172 per gram
  3. 18-carat silver: Tk147 per gram
  4. Traditional silver: Tk110 per gram

The adjustment in gold prices by the Bangladesh Jewellers' Association reflects the responsiveness of the industry to changes in the market. The reduction in prices is expected to impact consumers positively, potentially stimulating demand for gold products. The association's proactive approach in monitoring and adjusting prices contributes to maintaining stability and competitiveness in the local jewellery market.


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