Bangladesh Missions: Export Performance Analysis

Export Performance Analysis

Export Performance Analysis

Bangladesh's export sector plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and development. However, recent data reveals significant underperformance in export revenue from key missions around the world, raising concerns about the effectiveness of Bangladesh's export promotion efforts. This report examines the challenges faced by Bangladesh missions and explores potential strategies to address the decline in export earnings.

Key Findings

  1. Washington and Berlin missions, despite being top revenue earners, have fallen approximately 12.5% and 15.5% below their export targets, respectively, in the July-March quarter of the current fiscal year.
  2. Several missions in Europe, including Brussels, Paris, and Madrid, have also failed to meet export targets.
  3. Concerns have been raised regarding the Dubai mission, where export income decreased by about 17.3% compared to the target.
  4. Other important missions, such as Ottawa, New Delhi, Yangon, Singapore, and Tokyo, have similarly fallen short of achieving export targets.

EPB Emergency Meeting

The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) convened an emergency meeting with business representatives to address the underperformance of key missions. EPB Vice Chairman and CEO AHM Ahsan expressed dissatisfaction over the decline in exports and called for written explanations from industry associations regarding the decrease in export income from influential missions.

Challenges and Observations

  1. Bangladesh has 61 missions worldwide tasked with increasing export revenue. However, many missions are failing to meet their targets.
  2. Missions are responsible for facilitating connections between Bangladeshi exporters and importers, creating market opportunities, and addressing challenges in the export process.

Mohammad Hatem of BKMEA highlighted the impact of decreasing sales in Europe and America on Bangladesh's export sector, stressing the need for diversified markets and proactive strategies.


  1. Enhance coordination between missions, industry associations, and government agencies to identify and address export challenges.
  2. Invest in market diversification strategies to reduce reliance on specific regions and mitigate risks associated with geopolitical tensions.
  3. Provide targeted support and training to missions to enhance their effectiveness in promoting Bangladeshi products and facilitating export transactions.
  4. Strengthen diplomatic efforts to address trade barriers and enhance market access for Bangladeshi products in key export destinations.

Addressing the underperformance of Bangladesh missions requires a multifaceted approach that combines strategic planning, proactive engagement, and targeted interventions. By addressing the challenges identified and implementing effective solutions, Bangladesh can unlock new opportunities for export growth and economic prosperity.


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