Tajikistan has banned the hijab

Muslim country Tajikistan has banned the hijab

Tajikistan, a Central Asian nation with a predominantly Muslim population exceeding 98%, has recently implemented a controversial law banning the hijab and other "alien garments." This move, sanctioned by the country's parliament and endorsed by President Emomali Rahmon, marks a significant step in the government's efforts to curb what

US-China Informal Talks on Nuclear Weapons and Taiwan

In March of this year, after a five-year hiatus, representatives from the United States and China engaged in semi-official discussions concerning nuclear weapons policies, focusing particularly on implications related to Taiwan. This marked a significant resumption of dialogue between the two global powers on a sensitive and critical issue. The talks were held amid escalating tensions regarding Taiwan, a democratic island nation that China claims as its own territory. Despite Taiwan's rejection of China's sovereignty claims, Beijing has increasingly demonstrated military assertiveness

Rising Tensions Between China and Taiwan

Tensions between China and Taiwan have once again escalated, following increased military activities by China near Taiwan's borders. Taiwan's Defense Ministry has reported a significant rise in the number of Chinese aircraft and naval vessels entering its air and maritime territories. These developments are part of China's long-standing strategy to assert its claim over Taiwan, a region that views itself as an independent nation. This report examines the recent incursions, historical context, and potential implications for regional stability. Recent Developments Over the past