Shakib Al Hasan entered the new business

Shakib Al Hasan is joining the shoe business

Shakib Al Hasan is joining the shoe business

As the Bangladesh cricket team gears up for their home series against Sri Lanka, star cricketer and Member of Parliament, Shakib Al Hasan, is making headlines for a different reason. The renowned all-rounder is stepping into the entrepreneurial arena by launching his own brand of wearable goods, 'Shah 75', in collaboration with Step Footwear. Despite his business commitments, Shakib has not forgotten his roots in cricket, extending his best wishes to his team for the ongoing series.

The Launch of 'Shah 75'

Shakib Al Hasan's foray into the shoe business is marked by the launch of 'Shah 75', a brand that promises to offer high-quality wearable products to the Bangladeshi market. The venture is a joint effort with Step Footwear, a leading shoe manufacturer and retailer in the country. Step Footwear will handle the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the 'Shah 75' products, ensuring their availability across its 95 showrooms nationwide. The initiative was confirmed by Step Footwear's Managing Director, Shamim Kabir.

Shakib's Vision and Aspirations

During the announcement, Shakib shared insights into his year-long journey with the brand, emphasizing the importance of community support and constructive feedback in enhancing the quality and appeal of 'Shah 75' products. Shakib, known for his diverse interests in business, expressed his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, mentioning his particular fascination with the fish business. However, he acknowledged that sports have always been his primary domain, which led to the partnership with Step Footwear.

Support for Cricket Amid Business Ventures

Despite his business engagements, Shakib remains closely connected to the cricket world. He took the opportunity to congratulate the Barisal team for their victory in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), despite his team, Rangpur, not clinching the title. Shakib, who was away in Magura during the BPL final, praised Barisal's performance and declared them deserving champions.

Advice to the New Captain

Shakib also commented on the leadership transition in the Bangladesh cricket team, offering advice to the new captain of the three formats, Shantae. He suggested that less talk and more focus on the game would benefit Shantae's leadership. Although Shakib is not part of the team for the Sri Lanka series, he expressed confidence in the capabilities of Shanta-Mirajs and the team's prospects.

Shakib Al Hasan's venture into the shoe business with 'Shah 75' represents a significant step towards diversifying his career beyond cricket. While embarking on this new entrepreneurial journey, Shakib continues to support and inspire his teammates, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to cricket. As 'Shah 75' prepares to make its mark in the Bangladeshi market, Shakib's multifaceted career continues to flourish, both on and off the cricket field.


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