Four Bangladeshi women umpires in ICC panel

International Cricket Council (ICC)

International Cricket Council (ICC)

Bangladesh's women's cricket has reached a significant milestone with the inclusion of four Bangladeshi female umpires in the International Cricket Council (ICC) panel for the first time. Additionally, Supriya Rani has been selected as a match referee, marking a historic achievement for women's cricket in the country. This report aims to provide an overview of this accomplishment and its implications for the sport.

New Additions to the ICC Panel

The announcement was made by Iftekhar Ahmed Mithu, chairman of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) umpires' committee, at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur. Shathira Jakir Jessy, Rokeya Sultana Chowdhury, Doly Rani Sarkar, and Champa Chakma have been chosen for the ICC development panel, while Supriya Rani joins as a match referee.

Significance of the Achievement

Mithu hailed this achievement as a significant milestone for Bangladesh cricket, particularly for women's cricket. He emphasized the dedication and hard work exhibited by the umpires over the past two years, which led to their recognition by the ICC. The inclusion of Supriya Rani as a match referee alongside established male counterparts reflects a step forward in gender equality within cricket officiating.

Impact on Women's Cricket

The addition of female umpires to the ICC panel is expected to inspire aspiring women cricketers to pursue careers in umpiring, in addition to playing the game. This move signals a broader commitment to promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within the sport, encouraging more women to take up roles traditionally dominated by men.

Commitment to Support and Development

Mithu reiterated the BCB's commitment to providing full support to the umpires to ensure their continued growth and success. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the development pipeline to nurture future talent and expand opportunities for women in cricket officiating.

The inclusion of Bangladeshi female umpires in the ICC panel marks a historic achievement for women's cricket in the country. This milestone not only recognizes the talent and dedication of the umpires but also underscores the progress towards gender equality and inclusivity within cricket officiating. Moving forward, continued support and investment in the development of female umpires will be essential to sustain this momentum and further enhance Bangladesh's presence on the global cricketing stage.


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