Respect for language martyrs | poetry

Respect for language martyrs

Respect for language martyrs

Respect for language martyrs

In the hallowed halls of history, on this day we stand,
A tribute to the martyrs, a salute to the band.
On February's pages, etched in ink so deep,
A tale of sacrifice, where language hearts did weep.

Great Martyrs Day, a solemn remembrance we hold,
For those who are in silence, a story of valour is told.
They stood for the language, a cultural embrace,
In the face of oppression, they found their grace.

In the whispers of the wind, their voices still resound,
Echoes of defiance on hallowed battleground.
Through the corridors of time, their legacy persists,
In every word we utter, in every language that exists.

International Mother Language Day, a celebration true,
A mosaic of tongues, a vibrant linguistic view.
For every dialect, a unique melody,
A symphony of cultures, a tapestry so free.

In the tapestry of life, where languages entwine,
A testament to unity, in diversity we find.
For those who laid their lives, their sacrifice we bear,
Their words echo through time, a melody in the air.

Beneath the shade of mother tongues, we find our roots,
A connection to the past, where history disputes.
In the ink of their blood, the alphabet is inscribed,
A testament to courage, where language martyrs thrived.

So let us remember, on this day so grand,
The heroes of language, who took a valiant stand.
In the tapestry of cultures, in every tongue's embrace,
We honor the martyrs, with reverence and grace.

Author- Md. Mostafizur Rahman Tipu
Publisher and Editor-projonmokantho


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