Two names, one History

Two names, one History

Two names, one History

Two names, one History

In the annals of time, a tale is spun,
Of Bangabandhu and Bangladesh, forever one.
Two names, one history, intertwined,
In the struggle for freedom, hearts aligned.

From the banks of the Padma's flowing tide,
To the hills of Chattogram, where courage resides,
A nation's dream took flight, unfurled its wings,
In the echoes of protests, where hope sings.

Bangabandhu, the father of the nation, so true,
Led his people with valor, a vision anew.
With fiery rhetoric and unwavering will,
He charted a course, through valleys still.

In the shadows of oppression, they stood tall,
Defiant against tyranny's suffocating thrall.
With every breath, with every cry,
They dared to defy, to reach for the sky.

And on that fateful March, the stars aligned,
As Bangladesh's destiny, they enshrined.
In the crucible of war, they forged ahead,
With blood and sweat, they wrote, they bled.

Independence Day, a beacon of light,
Guiding the nation through the darkest night.
With pride in their hearts, they celebrate,
The triumph of freedom, the dawn they await.

From the depths of despair, they rose,
With unity and resilience, their spirit glows.
Two names, one history, forever entwined,
In the tapestry of bravery, they're enshrined.

So let us remember, as we raise our voice,
The sacrifices made, the battles rejoiced.
For in Bangabandhu and Bangladesh, we find,
The essence of freedom, in heart and mind.

Poet - MR Tipu


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