Report on the Suicide of Fairuz Sadaf Avantika

Fairuz Sadaf Avantika

Fairuz Sadaf Avantika

This report presents an overview of the tragic suicide of Fairuz Sadaf Avantika, a 13th batch student of Jagannath University's Law Department. Avantika's untimely demise has raised concerns regarding the prevalence of harassment and the lack of preventive measures within the university environment.

Fairuz Sadaf Avantika, aged 24, was a student at Jagannath University's Law Department. She hailed from Comilla, where her father, the late Jamal Uddin, served as a professor at Government College, and her mother worked as a part-time teacher at Comilla Police Lines High School. Avantika's suicide occurred at her home in Comilla last Friday around 10 pm.

Details of the Complaint

Prior to her death, Avantika lodged a written complaint to the university's proctor on November 14 last year, detailing instances of harassment and intimidation by her classmate, Amman Siddiqui. In her complaint, Avantika described enduring verbal abuse, threats of accidents, and coercive tactics by Siddiqui. Despite her objections and attempts to avoid him, the harassment persisted, causing Avantika significant distress and fear for her safety.

Police Investigation

Following Avantika's suicide, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death. Additional Commissioner Kh Maheed Uddin confirmed the involvement of Avantika's classmate, Raihan Siddiqui Amman, and Assistant Proctor Deen Islam in her suicide. Both individuals were arrested in connection with the incident, with preliminary findings indicating a connection between Amman and Deen Islam. Further investigation will be conducted to determine the depth of this relationship.

The suicide of Fairuz Sadaf Avantika underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address harassment and ensure the safety and well-being of students within the university. It highlights systemic issues that require immediate attention and action from university authorities and law enforcement agencies.


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