'No politics in BUET': BUET campus in turmoil again

On Friday, March 29, 2024, the campus of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) was engulfed in protests as students rallied against the resurgence of student politics within the institution. The agitation, marked by a press conference held at the Buet Shaheed Minar, underscored the students' determination to preserve BUET's reputation as a politics-free campus. The demands put forth by the general student body emphasized the urgency of preventing external interference and ensuring a secure and conducive learning environment.

Background of the Protest

The unrest was triggered by the infiltration of top leaders of the Chhatra League onto the BUET campus during the late hours of March 28. In response, students mobilized to thwart the incursion and express their vehement opposition to the resurgence of student politics. Placards bearing slogans condemning political interference and advocating for a politics-free campus epitomized the students' resolve to safeguard BUET's integrity and educational ethos.

Demands of the Students

During the press conference, the student representatives articulated six key demands aimed at addressing the root causes of the recent unrest and preventing its recurrence:

  1. Permanent expulsion of Imtiaz Rabi, the main organizer of the March 28 political rally, for flagrantly violating university regulations.
  2. Expulsion of all BUET students involved in the incident alongside Imtiaz Rabi, with varying degrees of disciplinary action.
  3. Clarity and accountability regarding the entry of external political figures onto the campus, including the possibility of legal repercussions.
  4. Resignation of the Director of Student Welfare (DSW) if demands concerning expulsions are not met by 9 am the following Saturday.
  5. Suspension of academic activities, including term finals on March 30 and 31, to protest against compromised campus security.
  6. Assurance in writing that protesting students will not face harassment or punitive measures.

Continuation of Protest

The student body affirmed its commitment to sustained agitation until their demands are satisfactorily addressed. The insistence on concrete action reflects the gravity of the situation and the students' determination to uphold the sanctity of BUET as a beacon of academic excellence and integrity.

The protest at BUET underscores the imperative of safeguarding educational institutions from the disruptive influence of student politics. The demands articulated by the students encapsulate their unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of academic integrity and ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for all. As the agitation continues, it serves as a poignant reminder of the collective responsibility to preserve the sanctity of educational institutions and nurture an environment conducive to learning and growth.


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