SSC result announcement within 9 to 11 may

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations are expected to have their results announced between May 9 and 11, according to statements from officials involved in the examination process. The completion of the written examination on March 12 has paved the way for the commencement of result evaluation and subsequent publication.

Confirmation from Education Board Officials

Prof. Tapan Kumar Sarkar, the chairman of the inter-education board coordination committee and the Dhaka Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, has stated that the results are typically published within 60 days of the completion of the main examination. This year is no exception, and preparations are underway to release the result by May 11, pending final confirmation based on the Prime Minister's schedule.

Timeline of Examination and Evaluation

The SSC and equivalent examinations commenced on February 15, with students from approximately 29,735 educational institutions appearing for exams conducted across 3,700 centers nationwide. The written examination concluded on March 12, followed by practical exams from March 13 to March 20. Evaluation of answer sheets has already begun, with examiners adhering to fixed time limits for assessment. It is anticipated that the evaluation process will be completed in due time to facilitate the timely release of results.

Projected Outcome

Based on information provided by a member of the inter-education board coordination committee, who requested anonymity, there is a high probability that the SSC results will be officially announced by May 11. The evaluation process is progressing smoothly, and there is confidence among officials that the outcome will meet the projected timeline.

The forthcoming announcement of SSC results by May 11 represents a significant milestone for students who have patiently awaited their academic outcomes. The meticulous planning and execution of examination procedures, coupled with efficient evaluation processes, underscore the commitment of education authorities to uphold the integrity and timeliness of the examination system.


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