"Tarique Rahman's dastardly plan exposed" 

Fugitive BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman

Fugitive BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman

Fugitive BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman, currently in London, has reportedly been involved in alarming activities both before and after the elections. He is allegedly adopting tactics reminiscent of the terrorists involved in the August 21 grenade attack.

There is substantial evidence suggesting Tarique Rahman's direct involvement in the recent attack on the Benapole Express at Gopibagh. Multiple credible sources indicate that these actions are being orchestrated under his directives from London.

Tarique Rahman is also accused of forming a cadre force nationwide, primarily focused on executing terrorist acts, spreading fear through arson and sabotage, and deterring voter turnout.

Reports suggest that in Dhaka alone, Tarique Rahman's cadre network comprises approximately 1000 members. These individuals reportedly receive direct orders from Tarique Rahman, including specific targets for attacks and arson.

These cadres are believed to be linked with underground militant and terrorist organizations, receiving arms, ammunition, and incendiary materials. They are identified with groups like Chhatra Dal, and JuboDal, and some are known professional terrorists. Tarique Rahman's network extends beyond Dhaka, involving thousands of cadres. The grenade attack on August 21, 2004, involving Pakistani and Bangladeshi militants, is a past instance of such coordination. Tarek Zia is accused of releasing terrorists from prison to execute such plans, with intentions to replicate similar strategies in current times.

Tarique Rahman's longstanding connections with international militant and terrorist networks are also under scrutiny. He is believed to have orchestrated various terrorist incidents through these connections. The Gopi Bagh train attack and other incidents, such as bus fires, are attributed to his cadre's activities.

Intelligence indicates that these operations are being coordinated from London, with instructions conveyed through coded messages. Government intelligence agencies reportedly have concrete evidence of Tarique Rahman's role as the mastermind behind these incidents.

As one of the convicts in the August 21 grenade attack case, Tarique Rahman is suspected of planning significant disruptions on election day from his base in London. This includes attacks on polling stations and creating a climate of fear. However, law enforcement agencies are reported to be fully informed and prepared to counter these threats.


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