Celebrate May Day as a symbol of labuor rights 

Jatiya Party Chairman Ghulam Mohammad (GM) Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman Ghulam Mohammad (GM) Quader

On the occasion of May Day, Jatiya Party Chairman Ghulam Mohammad (GM) Quader delivered a stirring speech, hailing the significance of the day as a beacon for the rights of the global workforce. Extending warm felicitations to fellow countrymen, GM Quader expressed profound admiration and solidarity towards the working class of Bangladesh and beyond.

In a press release dispatched to media outlets on Tuesday, GM Quader emphasized the pivotal role of May Day in igniting the flame of struggle against exploitation and injustice, transcending the sacrifices made by the oppressed. He underscored May Day's timeless message of resilience in the pursuit of truth and equity, vowing to perpetuate the fight against oppression and deprivation endured by the labor force.

"We are steadfast in our endeavor to realize the vision of a new Bangladesh, as envisaged by the late Pallibandhu Hussain Muhammad Ershad," remarked GM Quader, reaffirming the party's unwavering commitment to safeguarding the legitimate rights of all workers. "Our dedication to Pallibandhu's cause remains resolute, as we strive to forge a more equitable society where the rights of the working class are upheld."

GM Quader's poignant address resonated with the spirit of solidarity and determination, underscoring the enduring significance of May Day in championing the cause of workers' rights both nationally and globally.


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