Shakib joined Awami League after joining BNM party 

Shakib Al Hasa

Shakib Al Hasa

The recent revelation of cricketer Shakib Al Hasan's purported involvement with the political landscape has stirred significant public interest. Allegations suggest his inclination towards the formation of a new political entity, the Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM), commonly referred to as the King's Party, before ultimately joining the ruling Awami League. These developments have prompted discussions regarding Shakib's political affiliations and their potential implications.

In the first week of November last year, Shakib Al Hasan's visit to the residence of BNP Vice Chairman Major (Retd.) Hafiz Uddin Ahmed raised eyebrows. It was speculated that Shakib was exploring the possibility of joining BNM, with Major Hafiz playing a pivotal role in facilitating his membership. However, conflicting accounts have emerged regarding the nature of Shakib's visit and his subsequent actions.

Reports indicate that during his visit to Major Hafiz's house, Shakib was presented with an application form for BNM membership. Notable figures within BNM, including Major (Retd.) Md. Hanif and Captain (Retd.) Kamrul Islam, were reportedly present during this encounter. However, despite initial discussions about assuming leadership roles within BNM, Shakib's political trajectory took an unexpected turn.

Instead of committing to BNM, Shakib opted to meet with the Prime Minister and ultimately joined the Awami League. Major Hafiz refuted claims of Shakib's allegiance to BNM, asserting that Shakib's visit was initiated by an Awami League leader, which Shakib neither confirmed nor denied.

Speculations surrounding Shakib's potential involvement with BNM have been fueled by leaked images showing him purportedly filling out membership forms at Major Hafiz's residence. Major Hafiz's assertions regarding discussions with government officials regarding his role within BNM have added complexity to the situation.

The events surrounding Shakib Al Hasan's alleged involvement with BNM and subsequent alignment with the Awami League have generated significant interest within political circles and the public domain. While the exact nature of Shakib's engagement remains subject to interpretation, his actions have underscored the intricate dynamics between sports and politics in Bangladesh.

As discussions continue to unfold, stakeholders are keenly observing the implications of Shakib's decisions on both the political landscape and his personal reputation.

Note: This report is based on available information and may be subject to updates or revisions as further developments emerge.


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