Shakib Al Hasan is an opportunistic man : Nipun

BNP leader Nipun Roy Chowdhury

BNP leader Nipun Roy Chowdhury

In a recent revelation by BNP leader Nipun Roy Chowdhury, it has been disclosed that Shakib Al Hasan, the renowned Bangladeshi cricketer, attempted to establish communication with the Acting Chairman of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Tarique Rahman. 

This disclosure came to light during a talk show on a private television channel, where Nipun Roy Chowdhury shared several new insights regarding Shakib's political affiliations and endeavors.

According to Nipun Roy, Shakib Al Hasan, known for his cricketing prowess, sought to explore opportunities within the political landscape by reaching out to key figures in both the ruling and opposition parties. Notably, Shakib allegedly expressed interest in joining the 'King's Party' ahead of the 12th parliamentary elections. However, his efforts extended beyond this, as he also attempted to engage with BNP leadership, including Tarique Rahman.

During the talk show, Nipun Roy claimed that Shakib's outreach included a desire to hold discussions with Tarique Rahman via Skype. Although Shakib's efforts to connect with BNP leadership were acknowledged, it was asserted that the acting chairman did not grant him an audience. Nipun Roy suggested that evidence of these attempts could be substantiated by reviewing video footage from Shakib Al Hasan's residence.

Furthermore, Nipun Roy shed light on Shakib's purported strategy of leveraging personal connections, citing attempts to capitalize on familial ties. He alleged that Shakib aimed to exploit relationships with Roy's family members to facilitate contact with Tarique Rahman, presumably in pursuit of political advantages.

Additionally, Nipun Roy highlighted Shakib's interaction with other prominent figures within the BNP, including Maj (retd) Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, a Vice Chairman of the party. It was revealed that Shakib ultimately aligned himself with the Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM), colloquially known as the 'King's Party', under the guidance of Hafiz Uddin Ahmed.

In response to these revelations, BNP Vice Chairman Hafiz Uddin Ahmed addressed the media, categorically denying any involvement with Shakib Al Hasan's political maneuvers. He emphasized that the reports linking him to Shakib's affiliation with the 'King's Party' were inaccurate.

The emergence of these disclosures has sparked discussions regarding the intersection of sports and politics in Bangladesh, raising questions about the motivations behind Shakib Al Hasan's alleged foray into political engagement.

As the public digests these revelations, further scrutiny may follow, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of Bangladesh's political landscape and the role of influential personalities like Shakib Al Hasan.


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