Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police

DB delegation to Kolkata to investigate MP's murder

Kolkata, May 26, 2024 — A three-member delegation from Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police has arrived in Kolkata to investigate the murder of Jhenaidah 4 Constituency Member of Parliament Anwarul Azim Anar. The team, headed by Additional Commissioner Mohammad Harun-or-Rashid, includes Wari Division DC Muhammad Abdul Ahad and ADC Shahidur

MP Anwarul murder: Sensational information is coming out

Khulna region's notorious terrorist Shimul Bhuiyan, also known as Syed Amanullah, was hired to assassinate Jhenaidah-4 Constituency Member of Parliament Anwarul Azim (Anar). Shimul Bhuiyan is a top leader of the extremist organization Communist Party of East Bengal. After his arrest in Dhaka, Shimul Bhuiyan identified himself as Syed Amanullah, a pseudonym under which he had procured a passport and National Identity Card (NID). Fake Identity and Movements The investigation revealed that Shimul Bhuiyan had created a false identity as Syed Amanullah. He obtained a passport in this name

Unveils Horrific Misdeeds of Milton Samaddar

In a shocking turn of events, Milton Samaddar, previously hailed as the chairman of the 'Child and Old Age Care' Ashram, has been arrested on charges of fraud and involvement in a series of heinous crimes. What once seemed like a sanctuary for the vulnerable, under his stewardship turned out to be a facade for atrocities and exploitation. The arrest, made by a team of the Intelligence-Mirpur Division during a raid in the capital's Mirpur area, brought to light a web of deceit and malevolence. Milton Samaddar, who purported to be a harbinger of humanity, stands accused of perpetrating